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Welcome The new Constitution of MTGC has been approved. All related document has been uploaded to the File Upload area.

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MTGC Code of Ethics - Content Page
MTGC Code of Ethics
MTGC Constitution - Approved 02 April 2008
ROS - Constitution Approval Cert
ROS - Constitution Approval Letter
Malaysia Domestic Tourism Fair 2009 @ Putra World Trade Centre.
07 Jul 2009 (2336 days ago)

MTGC 3rd Board Meeting held at Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
07 Jul 2009 (2336 days ago)

MTGC Board Meeting
02 Feb 2009 (2491 days ago)
The Board members of MTGC met on Friday January 9th, 2009 at the new Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru.

The Agenda of the meeting touched on many issues pertaining to the guiding profession, and some of the new year plans for members/tourist guides include:

The 15th Board Meeting for the Council - 20th March 2009
The 4th Board & Affiliates Meeting - 20th March 2009
The Council 11th Triennial General Meeting - 21st March 2009

Johor TGA designing a package for Pre & Post CTRE programs so that members/tourist guides can participate and foster better fellowship amongst all MTGC Affiliates.

FACT SHEET PROJECT : SubCommittee Meeting - 9th July 2009 - Kuantan Pahang
This project is ... more

Tourist guides should promote own country.
18 Dec 2008 (2537 days ago)
Tourist Guides have been reminded to promote our own country instead of encouraging and promoting our neighbouring countries.

We have a captive audience of these visitors and we should do more to promote longer stays, repeat visits, and for tourists to promote what we have to offer when they return to their home country, to their families, colleagues, friends and families.

This is even more important when the whole world is facing reduced spending, and leisure travel.

Even when conducting tours for Malaysians, tourist guides are encouraged to promote more travel within Malaysia, taking advantage of the various packages available, and offered by travel agents, airlines, and hotels.

Thank you.

MTGC Merdeka Parade Participation
03 Sep 2008 (2643 days ago)

MTGC Merdeka team with Datuk Lee Chung Wei, our badminton silver medalist at the recent Olympics in Beijing

MTGC Team with Dr Junaida

Merdeka 2008!

MTGC is very honoured to be invited by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to join the tourism industry's contingent in this year's Merdeka Parade. Tourist guides committed their time and energy to participate in the numerous practices, and on Merdeka Day, the "show" was a success! Special thanks to Mr. Wong Hing Tuck, Vice Chairman of KLTGA who worked tirelessly to gather and manage the team.

Participants were: Azmi bin Abdul Aziz, Diana Lee Geok Chin, Lee Choo Sim, Venetia Yap Kim Chiu, and Woon Mee Chin. MTGC hopes that a bigger contingent can be gathered for ... more

- Rotation Guide/Recyle Guides - What is a,

- My Ice breaking Intro

- New Facebook integration to MTGC FORUM.