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Happy International Tourist Guides’ 2021

Tourist Guides Need More Than RM500 Assistance to Sustain Livelihood

MTGC President Christmas Message 2020


MTGC - OUR CURRENT GUIDING INDUSTRY SCENARIO The whole tourism industry in Malaysia has come to a standstill. Domestically and internationally, both tourists’ number with different factors behind their movement and arrival are definitely not contributing to the current critical sustainable mode that most tourism partners are going through.  Personally and as a team in MTGC we are the leaders in the guiding profession. We got to remain optimistic and confident in mind as this is...

Cross Border Tour 2020 - Goa

We regret to inform all that due to the uncertainty caused by the widespread infection of the Novel Coronavirus we have decided not to pursue this year's International Cross Border UNESCO CTRE program to Goa as the current health security situation has resulted in the cancellation of many tours. We will wait for the situation to improve with guides getting back their tour assignments again .... and thus regaining back their financial level before we re-pursue the...