How To Book Tour Guide
  1.  You can search for TG by fill in the information at the main page or using the Advance Search.

  1.  If you are using the Advance Search, fill in the information and then start search.

  1.  The result of the search will appear below the search area.

  1.  You can select any TG that you want to view and know more about.

  1. You can choose language that you want to view the page and click 'Book this Tour Guide' if you want to book the TG.

  1. Fill in all the information and click next to continue booking process.

  1. You can uncheck the checkbox if you do not want to use th TG on certain day of the trip and click 'Confirm & Book Now' to
          confirm the booking.

  1. You have to wait for the TG confirmation.Once confirm, you can update your payment at your member area.

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