How to Email or Message a TG 
  1. Search for a TG by using Advance Search or search at the main page.

  1. If you are using Advance Search, fill in the information and search.

  1. The search result will appear below the Advance Search area.

  1. Select the TG account that you want to view.

  1.  Click 'Email This Tour Guide' to message the TG.
  1.  Key in the subject and message. Click 'Send'.

  1.  You can view and reply message by clicking 'View'.

  1. Write your message and click 'Reply' to reply to the TG.

  1. You can view and reply message by going to 'My Member Area' or directly go to 'Messages'.

  1. Go to 'My Member Area' area and scroll down to 'My Messages'.