How to Add Wishlist 

  1. You can search for the TG to add them to your wish list.Use Advance Search or search at  the main page.

  1. If you are using the Advance Search, fill in the information and  the search.

  1. The search result will appear below the search area.

  1. Select the TG account that you want to view.

  1. Click 'Add To Wish List' to add the TG to your wish list.

  1. You also can email the TG using 2 ways.First, send email to several TG at the same time and another one by doing it separately.

  1.  You can check the TG name before you email the TG.Several name will appear if you check more than one TG.The email contents will be same.

  1. You can remove TG from wish list by clicking 'Remove From List'.

  1.  The TG will be remove immediately from the list.